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Reversing Autism with Herbs

© copyright Hart Brent

Reversing Autism with Herbs


Understanding the autistic child’s unique metabolic challenges opens a treatment window to lead the child back into a normal life.  Because multiple factors create the problem – a multi-faceted response works best.


Issues fundamental to autism:


Issue:   Need to increase secretin hormone production to improve digestion.


Solution:  Heron Herbals Fennel-Chamomile Formula 3-5 drops before meals.

                    Formula contains nettle leaf, chamomile flowers, catnip, fennel seed, prickly

                    ash bark, spilantes flowering tops to soothe the upper GI tract and stimulate

                    secretin production.


Issue:  Bowel disorder, enterocolitis syndrome, characterized by enlarged and inflamed

                    intestinal nodes.


Solution:  Heron Herbals Neem-Rhubarb Formula 5-10 drops with meals heals GALT:

                        Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue.

                        Formula contains pau d’arco, neem, turkey rhubarb, black

                        walnut, quassia, and stillingia to kill bowel pathogens, stimulate TH1

                        [cellular] immune response, clearing stagnant gut-associated lymph nodes.


Issue:   Elevated circulating mycotoxins related to bowel fungus infection.


Solution:  Heron Herbals essential oil mix Thuja-Niaouli Mix 2-3 drops rubbed on

                    abdomen as well as sites illustrated at Antibiotic Alternatives page. (Margot

                    put link here)

                    Formula contains pure essential oils of niaouli, thuja, and patchouli to

                    remove fungal by-products produced by bowel infection and toxic to the 

                    nervous system.  You may mix with a carrier oil such as sesame.


A set of all three Heron Herbals for autism cost $75 for 2 month supply:

  2 oz. Fennel-Chamomile Formula

  2 oz. Neem-Rhubarb Formula

  ½ oz. Thuja-Niaouli Mix


Supportive therapies:

  Diet should include: No gluten or casein

                                    Probiotics such as L. plantarum and L. salivarius or


                                    Wheat germ oil: Prometol by Viobin

                                     Coconut butter and sesame oil

                                     Electrolytes as ionic liquid minerals: Balanced Electrolyte  


                                     Avoid antioxidants, Nutrasweet, MSG

(Probiotics, Prometol & Electrolytes available from Emerson Ecologics: 800-654-4432)


Balance pH:  Bicarbonate remedies taken away from mealtimes

                        Baking soda baths


Recommended resources:  Autism Research Institute

                                            4182 Adams Avenue

                                             San Diego, CA  92116

                                               Fax (619) 563-6840       


Ask your physician to order a Blood Chemistry Computer Analysis Report from Carbon Based Corporation, 800-722-8327 or , email cellmate@carbon.com



All products in blue can be ordered from this website. Print out order form and mail with payment.

Index of Articles:

» Autism«  Natural Hormone Replacement  Antibiotic Alternatives | Energy Scanning |

Balancing ImmunityHealing ADHD | Lyme Disease 

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