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Flowers of the Soul
The Kingdom of Flowering Plants holds a special compassion for human travail. Because of this, the essences of flowers support us with a special compassion through our earthbound transformation. Flower essences contain the vibratory qualities of the flowers, and are made by infusing the flower into spring water under sun or moon light.

Flowers of the Soul capture this essence of compassion to offer the flowers energy as a self-healing tool for those who otherwise might not have the opportunity to interact with these flowers on a daily basis. In essence form, flowers share their elemental/archetypal energies to help move us through our souls journey: nurturing (earth), clarifying (metal), consolidating (water), initiating (wood), or connecting (fire) us with self-love and universal love.

Flowers of the Soul are offered to facilitate soul-level transformation.
Flowers of the Soul are about:
healing soul level pain
discovering inner galaxies of loving possibilities
healing our separation from the divine
getting out of our own way so we can receive divine love and all its blessings

Flowers of the Soul are for clarifying our relationship with our self so we can move through past pain:
to self-discovery
to connect with archetypal energies/universal love: as the inner divine child, inner lover, inner parent.

Flowers of the Soul heal the self when we have become stuck in non-progressive patterns
from unmet needs
from unresolved trauma and these remain unfinished, so that life repeats its learning opportunities until we "get the lesson" and "make the connection".

Flowers of the Soul are about helping us make the connection, to get the lesson so we can move forward in our soul's evolutionary journey.

These flower essence remedies are not a crutch, but a transitional "hands up" to connect us with the balanced form of our soul-self, to allow us to recreate harmony for ourselves. The essences hold the pattern of perfection, like a tuning fork, to draw us up to the flowers vibratory level. These remedies don't "fix" anything; they remind us of our perfection so that we can heal ourselves.

Recommended dosage: 1 - 5 drops twice a day.

Flowers of the Soul were prepared by Hart Brent and David Allen
P.O. Box 75, W. Danville, VT 05873 (802) 684-2570

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