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Heron Herbals can be used to clear pollutants like chemicals and heavy metals from the body—but must be used in a program the includes:
A avoid exposures
B bind toxins in the gut using
hydrated bentonite clay
C clear w/ nutrients to supports detoxing
organs especially the liver
DETOXIFICATION IS A COMPLEX METABOLIC PROCESS AND HERBS WILL PROVIDE ONLY ONE PORTION OF A COMPLETE PROGRAM. Recommend use with muscle testing, dowsing, energy scanning, or some method to energetically match remedy and dose to the individual.

For example: Formaldehyde scars the sinuses and leads to chronic sinus infections. A typical program for someone with sinus complaints from formaldehyde exposure might include: (steps 1 through 7)

1. Formula to clear the pollutant: Milk Thistle Leaf Formula
2. Formula to clear the sinuses: Bayberry Pine Formula
3. Formula to clear formaldehyde from liver and blood: Sacred Dock Formula
4. Steam with homeopathic formaldehyde (formalin 30c)
5. Hydrated benonite clay 1 Tbsp. in 6 oz H2O at bed time.
6. Other nutrients that support clearance of formaldehyde: molybdenum and thiamine (B1) to upregulate aldehyde oxidase pathways.
7. Recommended bath: 20 mule team borax (1 cup) with lime essential oil (5 drops) or Epsom salt (2 cups)

Bookmark this page and visit often. Other sample detox protocols will appear at Heathcalls.net updated on a monthly basis.

Disclaimer: Although we believe there is support for the information we provide, the FDA requires the following statement:
Statements on this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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