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Balancing Cellular and Humoral Immunity

© copyright Hart Brent


Many chronic and difficult to treat health conditions (see lists below) respond to herbal and nutritive protocols designed to modulate cell mediated immunity/TH1 or humoral immunity/TH2. At birth, an infant’s immature immune system initially relies primarily on humoral or antibody immunity, while “practicing” on early infections and symbiotic GI microbes in order to develop a robust cellular immunity. Research indicates that antibiotics and vaccinations can interfere with development of a healthy cellular immunity, and lead to allergic/hypersensitivity conditions such as asthma.

Allergic conditions predominate in those individuals whose cellular immunity lags and whose humoral immunity dominates. The following conditions are linked to dominant humoral immunity when TH2 cytokines stimulate B cells to produce antibodies that activate mast cells/basophils, not balanced by a healthy TH1 response:

TH2 dominant conditions:
Skin: atopic eczema
allergic dermatitis
Mucosa: asthma
fibrosing lung disease
nasal polyps
inflammatory bowel disease
ulcerative colitis
food allergy IGE mediated

Systemic: Gulf War Syndrome
SLE lupus
Chronic hepatitis C
Autoimmune conditions predominate or those individuals whose cellular immunity/TH1 cytokines dominate, activating monocytes direct response against infected cells without being balanced by a healthy TH2 response:
TH1 dominant conditions:
Skin & connective tissues:
rheumatoid arthritis
Sjogren’s syndrome
lichen planus
GI tract: celiac disease
Crohn’s disease
Nerve tissue: acute MS

Endocrine tissue:
Hashimoto’s/Grave’s Disease
Insulin dependent diabetes
Systemic: Lyme disease
Pre-eclapsia of pregnancy

All the above conditions will respond if you balance cellular and humoral immunity. To balance TH1 and TH2 you must first address THREE areas:

Chronic GI tract infections with bacteria, fungi or parasites disrupt immune balance. Also consider the role of root canals and cavitations in sabotaging gut ecology.

A. kill with artemesia, berberine, citrus seed extract, etc.

B. crowd with probiotics

C. scrub with fiber blends

2. HEAL LEAKY GUT, both mucosa and mucin lining, to restore healthy absorption and minimize circulating immune complexes (CICs):
A. Consider NUTRIENTS such as: L-glutamine
gamma oryzanol
vitamins A & E
  B. To heal the MUCOSA when damaged by volatile toxins such as formaldehyde or benzene use HERON HERBALS heronGINGER FORMULA containing ginger, cayenne, lemon balm, comfrey root, anise essential oil
C. To heal the MUCIN LINING that is generated by goblet cells within the mucosa and provides protection for mucosa, as well as binding site for friendly microorganisms, use HERON HERBALSheronMUCIN HEALER containing licorce, ginger, cat’s claw

3. HEAL STAGNANT GALT (gut associated lymphoid tissue)

GALT stagnation often follows GI infections/dysbiosis, even after steps are taken to heal the lumen and mucosa of the gut. The surrounding gut lymphoid tissue is where 50% of all circulating T helper cells originate. T helper cells produce the TH1 and TH2 cytokines we are discussing here. At any one time, 80% of all antibody producing plasma or blast B cells in an adult are located in the tissues underlying the gut mucosa. The GALT which often becomes stagnant with debris from past imbalances, is frequently overlooked. Note how many allergic TH2 dominant (B cell driven) reactions occur at the mucosa.

To up-modulate GALT immune response use HERON HERBALSheronNEEM-RHUBARB FORMULA containing pau d’arco, neem leaf, turkey rhubarb root, black walnut, quassia bark and stillingia root.

To down-modulate GALT immune response (with inflammation) use HERON HERBALSheron BLACK WALNUT FORMULA containing quebracho, black walnut, artemesia absinthium, uva ursi leaf, gentian root, oregon grape root. Quebracho is a rain forest herb used by Eclectic physicians of the 1800’s to increase oxygen uptake by lungs; also helps to maintain supply of oxygen to GI tract.

After balancing: DYSBIOSIS

If TH1 and TH2 need an extra nudge (5-10% of cases), use the following homeopathics or herbs/nutrients:

1. Homeopathics to increase cell mediated immunity/TH1 usually respeated 1 to 10 times:

A. saponin 12X or 30X (saponin is a soap-like substance used as an immune adjuvant)

B. aurum muriaticum 6C

C. agaricus emeticus 30C taken with zinc carb. 6C

D. origanum 12X taken with rumex crispus 12X (marjoram with yellow dock)

2. Herbs and nutrients for a minimum of one month to see benefits:

To increase TH1/cell mediated immunity:



Lactobacillus species


wobenzym enzymes

prometol octacosanol

larch polysaccharide ARA-6

yerba mansa Anemopsis


Homeopathics to increase humoral immunity/TH2 usually repeated 1 to 10 times:

A. saponin 12X

zinc carb. 6C

To increase TH2/humoral immunity:

Vitamin E with mixed tocotrienols and tocopherols

HERON HERBALSheronTHREE YELLOWS FORMULA containing gentian root, goldenseal root, coptis root, turkey rhubarb root, bayberry, barberry root to treat infections and dysbiosis

HERON HERBALS TURMERIC-GINGER FORMULA containing turmeric root, ginger root, helonias root, licorice root, black cohosh root, bloodroot, California poppy and damiana for treating hypersensitivity reactions

HERON HERBALSheronDAMIANA FORMULA containing damiana, saw palmetto, pipsissewa, sarsparilla root, wild yam root and siberian ginseng to support adrenals and restore DHEA

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