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Antibiotic Alternatives—Essential Oils

© copyright Hart Brent

Essential oils, the most potent substances distilled from plants, have been rubbed and inhaled for healings since ancient times. Time has proven their safety and efficacy.

Essential oils that are steamed or rubbed on the skin at key circulatory points can work to stop infections without antibiotic use.

How Do They Do It?

Essential oils kill on contact bacteria and viruses and other infective agents, including the Lyme bacteria.

Essential oils oxygenate the blood, nourishing tissues.

Essential oils will not disrupt your natural gut flora and cause canadida overgrowth as will antibiotics.

Essential oils are safe to use with children or the elderly.

Note: if a red, hot skin rash develops, discontinue use at once. If you have “sensitive skin”, consider diluting the pure essential oil with olive or sesame oil 50:50.

How to Use Essential Oils

The perfusion technique is to drop 5 drops of essential oil on the right inner wrist and rub onto the left inner elbow. Then drop 5 drops on the left inner wrist and rub on the right inner elbow. Repeat with 5 drops rubbed behind each knee. You may repeat the perfusion technique 1-2 times per day.

To steam, bring to a rolling boil, a non-metallic pot containing 2 inches of non-chlorinated water. Remove pot from heat source, add 5-10 drops essential oil mix and breathe in deeply with bath towel over your head making a tent to trap steam. Breathe for 5-10 minutes or until steam gives out. Beware: the first breath has strong oil content so take small breaths at first and deepen as steam calms down.

Heron Herbals Anti-Infective Essential Oil Mixes

For rubbing and/or steaming per directions above.

Prices: $20 per ˝ oz.

Except $30 per ˝ oz. For Lavender, Lemon or Peppermint Mixes.

Bacteria Mixes:

All bacteria: Heron Herbals Lavender Mix: lavender, tea tree, thyme, helichrysum

For all bacteria including strep

Staph: Heron Herbals Sage Mix: thyme, sage, tea tree

Mycoplasma: Heron Herbals Niaouli Mix: niaouli, clove, myrrh, peppermint

For small bacteria that are linked to asthma

Mycobacteria: Heron Herbals Petitgrain Mix: therebentine, petitgrain, citronella

For mycobacteria often contracted on airplanes, see Heron Herbals Flight Cleanse below

Rickettsia: Heron Herbals Clove Mix: clove, benzoin, frankinsence, myrrh



Spirokete: Heron Herbals Peppermint Mix: peppermint, helichrysum, clove, myrrh

For Lyme disease

Virus Mixes:

All viruses: Heron Herbals Lemon Mix: lemon, clove, ravensara, helichrysum

For viruses including chronic fatigue

Hepatitis: Heron Herbals Ravensara Mix: thyme, ravensara, mandarin yellow

Parasite Mixes:

All parasites: Heron Herbals Mugwort Mix: mugwort, cloves, therebentine

Sarcoidosis: Heron Herbals Grapefruit Mix: grapefruit, tangerine, lemon

Fungus Mixes:

All fungi: Heron Herbals Tea Tree Mix: tea tree, niaouli, neroli

For candida, blastocystis

Mycotoxins: Heron Herbals Thuja Mix: thuja, niaouli, thyme, patchouly

For candida detox, seizures, mold allergies

Flight Check Logo
To Protect During Airplane Flights:

Heron Herbals Flight Cleanse contains 1 bottle each of: cypress, therebentine, tea tree

To be inhaled during take-off and landing to prevent infection and jet lag symptoms

Price: $15 per set of 3 oils.

Index of Articles:

» Antibiotic Alternatives «  | Balancing Immunity Energy Scanning |

  Healing ADHD | Lyme Disease | Autism |Vaccination Survival Kit | Natural Hormone Replacement

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