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Treating Lyme Disease with Herbs and Homeopathics in Humans and their Critters

© copyright Hart Brent

The Lyme disease infection is caused by a spirochete bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi transmitted by deer tick bite often followed by a red bullseye and swelling. When testing for presence of Lyme, ask to be checked as well for other infection such as (HGE, HME, Bartonella, Babesia) that also can be carried in tick saliva. You can contract both infections from the same tick bite. Thirty percent of my Lyme patients are also infected with HGE. HGE protocol is available in a 50 page booklet from Heron Herbals for $22 per copy.

Herbal options:

In stage I/early (usually 1-4 weeks after bite) the bacteria infects the bloodstream and lymph. Fever, fatigue, malaise, headache and stiff neck ensue. During stage II/disseminated Lyme infection (usually 1-5 months after bite) heart, skeletal muscle, neurological including brain, and dermatological tissues are infected. Those in stage III/chronic infection (6+ months after bite) suffer polyneuropathy, encephalopathy, and cardiomyopathy.

Heron Herbals have designed formulas for treating each stage of Lyme disease as follows:

During stage I/early take 4 days of Propolis Formula alternating with 3 days of Lomatium Formula. This could mean Sun-Mon-Tue-Wed on Propolis Formula followed by Thur-Fri-Sat on Lomatium Formula, followed by 4 days on Propolis Formula, etc.

During stage II/disseminated take Lomatium Formula for 4 days alternating with 3 days of Waltheria Formula.

During stage III/chronic take Waltheria Formula for 4 days alternating with 3 days of Lomatium Formula.

Recommended dosage is 40 to 80 drops am and pm for a 120-150 lb. adult. Adjust for smaller weights in children and small animals (60 lb. is 20-40 drops per dose). You may rub alcohol tinctures on inner side (NOT drops down inside) of animal's ears if they are resistant to taking drops by mouth.

Stage I
Stage II
Stage III
Propolis Formula
Lomatium Formula
Waltheria Formula
Lyme I
Lyme II
Lyme III
Propolis resin
Lomatium root
Waltheria root
Echinacea root
Witch hazel
Osha root
Red root
American Ginseng rt.
Licorice root
Prickly ash
Artemesia annua

Herbal and homeopathic remedies can be taken concurrently with antibiotic treatments for Lyme.

Homeopathic options:

As soon as possible after the tick bite, take one dose of homeopathic ledum 1M to antidote puncture wound of the tick bite. Ledum can be ordered from Homeopathy Overnight 1-800-ARNICA 30. Following ledum, begin the homeopathic lyme nosode at 10 drops once a day. Available from P&D; Nutrition, Evans City, PA 1-800-245-1939.

See spirochetes at Antibiotic Alternatives for Peppermint Mix: a combo of essential oils to kill spirochete infections such as Lyme.

All products in blue can be ordered from this website. Print out order form and mail with payment.

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