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Current Debate: to add estrogen or progesterone?


As medical science has come to recognize, easing a woman’s transition into menopause is more complex than merely adding estrogen. Herbs, homeopathy and essential oils can soothe the hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, heart palpitations and other emotional and physical symptoms associated with perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause.

     Estrogen-mimics in plastics and other pollutants from our modern environment often create estrogen dominance or erratic estrogen levels. When estrogen dominates, symptoms include the migraines, mood swings, heavy bleeding, weight gain, and hot flashes often associated with menopause.  Thus, treating menopause “symptoms” often requires enhancing progesterone levels, rather than adding more estrogen. 

     Saliva assay tests are more accurate than blood serum tests if you choose to assess your hormone levels.  Remember that hormones fluctuate daily and testing your levels once a month will not give you an accurate picture.


The HealthCalls Heron Herbals hormone replacement program naturally replicates a woman’s monthly hormonal fluctuations in order to nourish and balance both emotional and physical well-being.  

     First, think of adding oils:

     The nutritional supplements of vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) and the essential fatty acids high in GLA: evening primrose, borage or black currant seed oil are highly recommended.  Natural progesterone may be applied topically as a cream or in vitamin E oil carrier.

     Sniffing or wearing geranium essential oil renews our yin energy: moistening, clearing heat, and centering the psyche. Geranium is recommended especially when stress or overwork have led to nervous exhaustion.  Recommended source for geranium essential oil: www.crystalconcepts.com.

     I recommend using the energy testing method described on this website to select which remedy to take, when, and the appropriate dosage.  A typical herbal dosage is 20 drops twice per day with meals.

     For women who are past bleeding time, the Cohosh-Vitex Formula alone may be effective for all four weeks of the month. However, even after bleeding stops, your remedies may change throughout the month and from one month to the next.  Please tune into yourself to test and to create a protocol tailored to you and your changings.


Weeks 1 & 2  [Week 1 begins with bleeding time]

Cohosh-Vitex Formula

Saw palmetto berries

Vitex berries

Black cohosh root

Ho shou wu/Polygonum multiflorum root

Geranium essential oil

Homeopathic mix of: estrone, pituitary, L.H., mag.carb.


The Cohosh-Vitex Formula contains herbals to balance estrogen (black cohosh), progesterone (vitex), testosterone (saw palmetto); soothe dryness and heat (ho shou wu).

The homeopathic mix contains the energy print of estrone estrogen; luteinizing hormone, active in prompting the hormones of ovulation and corpus luteum; calming and bone-strengthening mag.carb.; and pituitary to counteract the lessened sensitivity of that gland in midlife. This homeopathic mix does not stimulate further egg production, but rather simulates the hormonal nourishment that would accompany egg production. The magnesia carbonica patient feels “worn out” and complains of heat, numbness, distention, and dreads the future. Geranium essential oil nourishes feminine creativity and the capacity for tenderness toward one’s self.


Week 3 [begins with ovulation]

Cramp Bark Formula

False unicorn root

Blessed thistle flowering tops

Chinese dong quai root

Cramp bark

Lady’s mantle flowering tops

Helonias root

Homeopathic mix of: estrone, pituitary, L.H., mag.carb.


The Cramp Bark Formula contains herbals selected to balance the functioning of follicular cells, the ovarian cells that surround a developing egg cell and secrete female sex hormones.  Once again, this formula does not promote egg production; merely the nourishing female hormones that may support a growing egg and keep a woman luscious.


Week 4 [one week before bleeding begins]

Black-Blue Cohosh Formula

Black cohosh root

Blue cohosh root

Vitex berries

Ho shou wu/Polygonum multiflorum root

Wild yam

Chinese dong quai root glycerite

Homeopathic: progesterone


The Black-Blue Cohosh Formula contains herbs designed to maintain nourishing levels of female sex hormones in the declining phase of the cycle.  If progesterone levels fall too low, estrogen dominance or erratic estrogen levels can create unpredictable moods, heavy flow, hot flashes, weight gain, irrational hunger, or migraines.

Optional for Weeks 2, 3, 4 to enhance testosterone levels:


Pipsissewa Formula

Sarsaparilla root

Pipsissewa herb

Poplar bark

Chinese ligustrum berries

Hyssop flowering tops

Spikenard berries


Healthy testosterone levels in women are associated with increased libido and cognitive function, as well as with a decrease in depression, cholesterol, and bone loss.


SUMMARY:  A woman’s cycle reflects an ebb and flow of hormonal nourishment that may be balanced by HealthCalls Heron Herbals formulations even after egg production slows or falls away.  Remember to adjust your remedies and dosages weekly.


Index of Articles:

»Natural Hormone Replacement«  Antibiotic Alternatives | Energy Scanning |

Balancing ImmunityHealing ADHD | Lyme Disease 

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